Thursday, March 26, 2009

Time to make some memories

List of things to do before school is out:
  • Family pictures
  • Learn Bollywood dance
  • Build a fort in the apartment...and maybe the woods?
  • Shoot a spoof intro Friends video...with our friends
  • Play basketball
  • Camp on the biology trails
  • Picture swap
  • Sarah and I want to pick out our hair and dress up like rock stars
  • Experience Waffle House
  • Make a cd of songs filled with memories and interviews
  • Decoupage a collage with everyone's contributions
  • Get decked out and go out on the town
  • Go to a restaurant and order for each other (secretly)
  • Bonfire cookout on the biology trails
  • Take more pictures!
  • Play glow in the dark football
  • Paint raw eggs, hide them, find them, throw them at each other
  • Climb a building in downtown Chattanooga!
  • Swing dance party
  • Rockin farewell to our graduating friends
Some of the things on here have been on our list for a long time...and I've heard whispers of doubt that it's not going to happen. Oh, but it will. I want to pack as many memories into this next month as possible...because it's never going to be like this again...

Scheduling will be starting ASAP. Hope your weekends are open!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Brittany Beat Box Balloons Bomb Birthday Blast

Friends are awesome.
Nick Livanos is an editing genius.
I love you Brittany Graves!