Tuesday, January 29, 2008


1 : the art of decorating surfaces by applying cutouts (as of paper) and then coating with usually several layers of finish (as lacquer or varnish)
: work produced by decoupage
decoupage or d├ęcoupage transitive verb

Emily-my ever so creative roommate-decided that she wanted to have a decoupage party. Oh, and it was going to be for her Birthday(which she neglected to tell people in the inviting process, therefore adding some bewildered faces when we came out singing with a cake and candles). The above definition gives you a pretty good idea of what we did...to our coffee table. It was really cool, we had everyone bring something/anything that they wanted to put on to represent themselves or just make it look cool. We had everything from a cd with swing dancing music to a billion dollar check signed by Chris Terry! My personal favorite is the picture of us five roommates with the words "Grand Central" around it (We live on Central Ave.) Everyone got really into it and the end result turned out to be nothing less than amazing...and the memories on it will definitely be long lasting.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Follow the Tracks...

We got a crazy amount of snow here in the last 24 hours. The older folk of Walla Walla are saying this is the worst they've seen in years. And I have to say, I was pretty excited about it. I love playing in the snow. I was excited until I went to get into my little Honda Civic after work and found that I was stuck, really stuck. So I did what any person would do...I called my dad. He was just sitting down to eat his warm dinner when I called. He left his plate, and came to rescue his daughter. After finally getting me free I followed him to his house to eat dinner. He lives out in the country so there isn't really a driveway...just a big lawn to park in. He made tracks with his truck and told me that when I was backing out all I had to do was follow the tracks out. As I was leaving the house he reminded me, "Tara, just follow the tracks I made for you and you'll be fine." Turns out... that was great advice. I was doing fine, following the tracks, but then at the very end I wanted to turn around so, thinking I had enough momentum, I turned...and got stuck...again. Then just as I was hitting my head against the back of my seat thinking about my stupidity, there was my dad, laughing, ready to dig me out....again. As I was driving home I started thinking about the parallels between what had happened that night and what often happens with me and God. He says to me, "Tara, just follow the tracks I made for you and you'll be fine", but time and time again I find myself going off the path, thinking I have enough momentum to do it for myself...and then I get stuck...again...aand again. The amazing thing is, just like my dad, God is ready and willing to dig me out and put me back on track every time. Amazing isn't it?

But alas, the story goes on...as I drove up to my house I slowed down and was looking for a place I could park where I wouldn't get stuck. After finding a place that looked suitable I tried to start driving...and found that I was stuck...again...IN THE MIDDLE OF THE ROAD! So I called my dear roommates out of our warm house to come and help me push my car out (Emily I'm sorry for getting frustrated!). Now my car sits on the side of the road by our house...stuck...again.

Stupid car!
The Man himself.

Friday, January 25, 2008

Blog On

There's been a lot of stuff going on here in Walla Walla lately, and I'm thinkin that blogging would be a fun way to record it all and show people who aren't around that they really should be and they are being missed! This year started off with some big adjustments and has only gotten better. Here are some pictures to catch you up on what's been going on in the life of Tara. Blog on.

Great friendships formed
Went to opening Season Seahawks game. It was A-mazing!

I have 4 incredible roommates
Corn Maze

Barn Party. Where's Waldo!?
My partner in crime...

Thanksgiving break...the old crew reunites

Dodgeball...second place, next quarter it will be first.

Christmas Break in Seattle...my first time on top of the Space Needle!

New Years Party!