Wednesday, June 10, 2009

the countdown

9 days.

9 days until I get to smell those smells. Those smells that will only ever belong to camp.
9 days until I start feeling so tired that I could literally fall asleep anywhere.
9 days until I get to unleash all the excitement/energy/silliness that gets bottled up during the school year.
9 days until I get to wear my silly hats, and my crazy glasses.
9 days until I probably get thrown in the lake.
9 days until I get to eat homemade granola with soy and raisins.
9 days until Sammy asks me about the my love life.
9 days until I get to sit on the dock and watch the sun set over Hayden Lake.
9 days until I move into my room...then immediately start to scrounge for a dresser that has more than one working drawer.
9 days until I'm in a room filled with people striving for the same things, working towards the same goal.
9 days until I get to sing praise music at the top of my lungs, not worrying if people can hear me because everyone is singing at the top of their lungs.
9 days until I become part of a ministry that is bigger than myself.
9 days until camp.
9 days until I'm home for the summer.
9 days.

I can't even wait.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

emily wilkens is a cheat and a coward

Emily and I had a real live slap fight tonight.
You know...the ones you always see happen between girls in the movies....except we were slapping hand print hard. It started because I said her cat looked like a mix between a cat and a muskrat, and I wanted it to get away because it was so ugly.

This comment allowed Emily to think that she could just up and slap me. And that's where it began. The harder we laughed the harder we hit.

So finally I gave a big WHACK to her flat hand cupping perfectly over Emily's bicep(but not really because she doesn't have any). Emily immediately started whining and stuck her hand out for a truce, then JUST when I was sticking my hand out...SHE SLAPPED MY ARM SUPER HARD! (see video below for more evidence of Emily's brutality) This resulted in a whole other stream of slaps...until finally she begged for peace again...for reals...because I was just beating her too bad.

Emily thinks she won. It depends what your definition of winning is. If your definition is being a liar, a wuss, and begging for peace with tears in your eyes...I guess you could say she won.

We're gonna go biking in the dark now. I love this girl. Like a sis.