Wednesday, July 28, 2010

em wilk and tara b

We're doing it again. From Spokane to Tennesee. Tennesee to Spokane. And now back again.

Some things on the agenda already (and this is prelimanery planning, mind you.):

1. Grand Canyon
2. Fruits. Veggies. Nuts.
3. Couch surfing

Dear Collegedale,
We'll be seeing you on the 19th.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Oh, how He loves us.

Just... watch it.

I've been feeling lots of things lately. I've got this picture in my head, or maybe I actually saw it in a movie, of this person who is just being dive-bombed by birds. The birds just keep coming, from all angles. When she turns to try to take care of one, another one comes and pulls at her hair, so she turns around again, never really able to deal with any of these death birds properly.

I've been going for weeks now. And been barely able to brush the surface of lots of thoughts and feelings I've had lately. My feelers feel exhausted from feeling. I love it here. I love my job, my team, the interns, living with the Blasers. I went to camp this last weekend. I love the smell of that place, the people, the LIFE that oozes from there. I miss being creative, silly, and just SERVING kids. I set my end date for my internship yesterday. August 13, and it's done. Next chapter. Back to Tennessee where I have amazing roommates, great classes, great friends, and a super promising semester. But it'll be different. And so many people I love have left. And after that? Next chapter. Then add the present day stuff of figuring out relationships, yourself, and your life path and goals... and you've got quite the collage of feelings.