Friday, August 21, 2009

keep on keepin' on

I'm on my way!

Tyler Morgan (recent transfer to Southern and fellow MiVodenite) and I left at 9:00 this morning and are in the middle of Wyoming right now. Last time I came through Wyoming Emily and I hated it so much that we wrote a poem about it. I should post it sometime. Anyway, Tyler drove THE WHOLE WAY today. The man is a beast. I offered, but he never got I crocheted, watched a movie, and was in control of the ipod.

Right now I'm sitting in good ol' Motel 6 enjoying a nice bed and wireless internet. Tyler's parents insisted we get a hotel room. The clerk tonight said to the other clerk, "Let's get a room for the young couple." That was weird. Tyler just winked at me.

We have themes for each day of the road trip. And they are as follows...

Friday: Have to say "Meow" or add a question mark on the end of every phrase when interacting with anyone beside each other.

Saturday: Tyler has to get a girls number, I have to give mine. (I don't even know how I would go about doing this....)

Sunday: Make as many memories as possible. This may include getting in a big fight at a gas station and getting proposed to, quite possibly at the same one.

Let me just say, I am absolutely STOKED to see every one of you that are going to be in Tennessee. And for those of you who aren't, come visit. Seriously.

Much Love!

P.S. This goes out to my soccer loving friends

Monday, August 17, 2009

oh camp...

Sammy, this nerdy character adored by all, is all about safety. All week long he makes up X-treme challenges for staff and campers to do, while being sure that all participants are taking the necessary safety precautions. Because, as he always says, "Sammy loves Safety."

One week Ben Foote was sitting with Nick and said, "What if there was an actual character named Safety that came onto the show." Genius.

That's where I came in. On Thursday morning Sammy and Safety quickly fall in love while "Can You Feel the Love Tonight" plays over the speakers and they start awkwardly walking towards each other, lost in each others eyes. The first time Nick and I acted it, we walked off the stage after we were done and almost fell down the stairs cause we were laughing so hard.

I love laughing like that. There's something really freeing about being on stage and having the capability to act as ridiculous as possible. Anything nerdy, awkward, or embarrassing that you do...just makes things that much better. Ah camp, It's the one time a year that I can really just be as silly as I want and let go of all that craziness that gets cooped up while I'm in school. I love camp. Love it. It was a good summer. Real good.

Thursday, August 13, 2009


I hate it.

I hate reading about it, thinking about it, trying to comprehend it. I read some stories about sex trafficking tonight. When I read stories about these children, these children who are taken from their homes and sold into sex slavery my eyes start to sting, and my hands start to clench into fists. Why? Why is this happening? I don't understand how someone could look at an innocent child with lust, dehumanize them, and then leave without feeling any remorse for what they've just done. For what they've just taken. My heart hurts, my head spins, and yet my body stays...frozen...

I hate this.

Oh God, please come soon.

Thursday, August 6, 2009


"The potter takes the clay and molds it according to his will. He kneads it and works it. He tears it apart and presses it together. He wets it and then dries it. He lets it lie for a while without touching it. When it is perfectly pliable, he continues the work of making of it a vessel. He forms it into shape and on the wheel trims and polishes it. He dries it in the sun and bakes it in the oven. Thus it becomes a vessel fit for use. So the great Master Worker desires to mold and fashion us. And as the clay is in the hands of the potter, so are we to be in His hands. We are not to try to do the work of the potter. Our part is to yield ourselves to be molded by the Master Worker."
-Ellen G. White

*Sigh* I'm thinkin that that day when I become a "vessel fit for use" isn't gonna be for a long time. Amanda Durham and I were observing that there's not a whole lot of fun stuff in there for the clay, it's mostly painful. But, hey, I'm no potter. So...bring on the molding?